Sunday, October 26, 2014

Splash of colours from the Blue City

While digging through my archive of ever growing digital images, I realized the need for cataloging and organizing this growing archive.

What also came out of this ongoing exercise is the sheer amount of shoots I have done in Jodhpur city, but not shared some of the interesting moods from these shoots. Going forward, I decided that this blog should serve as the anchor for displaying and sharing some of those moments and give the readers a brief history behind the location and shot.

About the Shot

It was shot in the morning hours after me & my wife had climbed down from the magnificent fort overseeing the old city area. We decided to move around the narrow alleys of the city which is a famous haunt for photographers & tourists. Although, I have been visiting this city for 13 years now, this part of the city has always slipped through.

This time we were there at the right time when the sunlight is not too bright and the colours basking in the fresh soft light of the morning really show their contrasts well.

Technical information: Shot handheld from a Canon 5D MkII with Tamron 70-300mm lens at F 2.8 

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